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Τα profil από PVC, σχεδιάστηκαν με γνώμονα τον άνθρωπο και τις ανάγκες του.
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Τα συστήματα αλουμινίου της ALUMIL είναι επιλογές ζωής, χωρίς ουσιαστικό κόστος συντήρησης
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The fastest way to building

Aluseal’s aluminium products are low cost maintenance life solutions and fully recyclable, contributing this way into the environmental protection.

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Co-operate with Aluseal

Co-operate with Aluseal
Choose credibility and quality…

Aluseal’s strategic partnerships with commercial shops (traders) and manufacturers, create growth conditions, through the supply of products and services.

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The three axes of our operation

The values Aluseal philosophy is based upon

The credibility of Aluseal products rewards all our partners


Aluseal constantly invests on long term co-operations and on continuously improving its operation and services so that, the total quality of the company, would be a comparative advantage for our partners.


By continuously training our executives, the immediate response to our customers’ needs and our adaptability to the market development, Aluseal has managed to be at the top of the preferences of the market.


Dynamically and with seriousness but mostly methodically and with organization, Aluseal corresponds absolutely to its partners’ needs.

Choose the best products.

The wide range of carefully selected products offer high quality manufacturing results.

Railings (Balusters)

 Railings (Balusters)

We have integrated railing systems in simple and modern lines, which are the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor use, balconies, stairs and fencing.

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PVC Salamander Systems

PVC Salamander Systems

SALAMANDER product range is designed to live up to all architectural applications.

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Important Partners

Aluseal has established significant partnerships during the company’s operation.

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